Hamriyah Free Zone

Hamriyah FTZ was founded by the order of the Emir on November 12, 1995 and since has been one of the cornerstones in the industrial development of the United Arab Emirates.

The main purpose of this free trade zone is to provide the competitive drives and unique opportunities for setting up business in a tax-free environment along with 100% share in the authorized capital, no commercial fees and repatriation of capital and profits. This zone represents the land with the total area of 22 mln square meters that provides the commercial and office premises and the port with the depth of 14 meters.


Hamriyah FTZ is located in the emirate of Sharjah that is the single of the seven emirates to have ports on the west and east coast of the Persian Gulf and the immediate access to the Indian Ocean and the International Airport. The emirate of Sharjah has a wide network of transport communication with the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Indian subcontinent, as well as the emerging markets of the Asia and the Africa.

Business incentives:

  • 100% tax-free Wednesday
  • 100% share in the authorized capital
  • no commercial fees
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits

More advantages:

  • land lease for 25 years with prolongation for the same period
  • port with the depth of 14 meters and adjacent harbor with the depth of 7 meters
  • warehouses and offices ready for lease
  • exclusive design and equipment for head offices
  • international business center equipped for conferences by the Internet and means of telecommunication
  • accommodation facilities for the investor’s personnel, including recreation center and sports clubs
  • advanced infrastructure, communication lines and access to three sea ports
  • sea ports on both coasts and the Sharjah International Airport
  • cheap energy at the rate of US$0.05 per kW and water supply at the rate of US$8.17 per 1000 gallon
  • unrestricted recruitment of personnel and human resources
  • affordable living
  • lease related services
  • ready storage and production facilities and offices for investors
  • industrial allotments for lease
  • wide variety of comfortable accommodation for personnel

By the order of the Emir all investors domiciled in this free trade zone are ensured safe investments and absolute repatriation of capital and revenue.

If you think about registration of your company in the UAE, the only thing to do is just to take into account Hamriyah FTZ as one of the most prospective areas for realizing your large-scale business projects.

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