About UAE

Business in UAE is an excellent way of bringing your business to a new level. And some of the reasons for success are: 


UAE favorable location.

The country is located between the West and the East, Europe and Asia. It means that distances to the world main cities (like London, Hong Kong, and Moscow) are the same. Dubai Airport co-operates with the majority of the world leading airports, therefore it’s easier and faster to deliver different goods from here to any country of the world. 


Legislation and tax policy.

The authorities of UAE are interested in the country investments, therefore favorable conditions for the foreign investors have been created here. There is big number of free zones that give opportunity to establish manufacturing in the conditions of the free business environment. There’s also direct exit to the sea as well as well working air communication. The government allowed the foreigners to have full ownership of the real estate properties in the country. 

Absence of direct business taxes (obligatory payments only), low rate of criminality, low prices for the goods, fast growth of the real estate prices, daily direct flights, high technologies and well developed infrastructure – all these advantages are the key to success of your business in UAE. 



It another distinctive aspect of the UAE image.The currency Dirham is very stable (its rate did not change since 1982). As there is no bureaucracy in the country all the issues can be solved fast and easy. All the authority officers have excellent knowledge of English. And the majority of world banks are represented in UAE. There are no restrictions on capital moving, currency exchange and profit reception. 

UAE is a great and prolific ground for business. It is one of the safest and well organized countries in the world in relation to its investors. All the laws of the country are formulated so that there are no barriers for development and improvement, for the new ideas and offers. A freedom of action and decisions is a basis of business success in UAE.