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Located on southern coast of warm Arabian Gulf this small Arabic country since long time has the highest living standard among all its nearest neighbors and will soon step over Europe, USA and Japan due to its technologies development and grandiose constructions. 

How did that small UAE located in hot desert and adhering to the strict norms of Islam manage for some tens of years to turn from the backward country inhabited by the nomads with camels to one of the most advanced and richest Arabic country in the world? The answer is: oil and tourism. 

For their petrodollars Arabs managed to construct huge skyscrapers and palm islands involving big number of immigrant workers from nearby India and Pakistan and to develop tourist business. 

But till now UAE worships the strict norms of Shari’ah: men wear white clothes and women are completely covered by black clothes leaving only their eyes open. It is strange to see a woman dressed in a medieval nicab talking on a last model self phone. As for the tourists it is also required to keep up with modestly: shorts above the knees or miniskirts are not acceptable somewhere out of the hotel. And being on UAE beaches it is hardly possible to go topless. Strict laws with severe punishments from chopping of the hands to the death penalty result total absence of criminality. 

Those who were born citizens of Arab Emirates are really lucky. They are not only released from the taxes but also get good subsides from the government. Petrodollars are enough for everyone. The expatriates are less fortunate as they are not entitled for UAE citizenship by the country law. 

UAE attracts big number of tourists wishing to have classy holidays on the bank of Arabian Gulf, to see Burj Khalifa, the highest building in the world, to visit well-known palm and world map islands, to enjoy the aqua park Wild Wadi and mountain-skiing descents with artificial snow in the Emirates Mall.

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