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One of the core activities of Al Mubadarah is assistance in registration of companies in the United Arab Emirates. Our company provides the full range of consulting services and overall support at any stages of incorporation, from choosing the proper legal form and the place of registration up to executing any required documents and licenses.

Any companies registered in the UAE may be divided into 3 categories depending on the place of registration:

  • any of the Emirates Mainland;
  • free trade zone;
  • offshore zone.

Each category differs by specific registration and activity.

Registration in the UAE

is firstly suitable to the company that is aimed at retail, catering business or provision of the various services. The licenses to such activities may be obtained in the most of the free trade zones, but they may be carried out only within the respective FTZ. Moreover, there are a number of companies that may be licensed for the UAE only, including real estate agencies, passenger carriers, banks, travel companies etc. Another important factor is the binding participation of the local citizen in the company’s activity in any form whatever. For more information about registration of such companies visit our official web-site.

Registration in FTZ

is the most suitable option for the companies intending to provide their services through involving the subcontractors that shall be exclusively the local companies only in the free trade zones in the UAE or any other countries. The apparent advantage of the above-stated form of incorporation is holding 100 % share by the foreign investor. It is easier to obtain the required licenses and visas, as well as execute any other formalities in any FTZ than the UAE, notwithstanding the more expensive.

Registration in UAE

is more advantageous for the companies that do not intending to engage in any activity in the United Arab Emirates. Registration in UAE gives many ways to offshore companies. You can act as a founder of any other companies in the UAE, which may be beneficial in ensuring keeping the actual beneficiaries in secret, as well as acquire any real estate in the UAE and open any accounts with the local banks.

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