Set up business in UAE (Part II)

Establishment of own business is a great and important step that takes much efforts, time and financial resources. In order to register company in the other country one should be especially prepared, including careful study all market opportunities provided by the country.

Anyone deciding to set up business in the UAE should make the basic step and think first about determining the legal form of its future company. The Arab Emirates are one of the countries that enable to establish the offshore company with the principal place of activity anywhere in the world. The offshore scheme is in great demand among businessmen due to transparent procedure for registration, business operation and related processes.

If you wish to carry on your business activity in the Emirates that is the country having turned from the little-known area of the Persian Gulf into the international business and tourist center for the recent 25 years, you should think over registration of your company in the free trade zones. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind the restrictions on import of certain goods and products as provided by the severe customs laws.

The business plan developed by the competent specialists will become a great help for a businessman in realizing any possible costs related to business establishment. The tax-free system existing in the United Arab Emirates draws many investors and businessmen but one should always remember the fees and dues charged in the process of obtaining the trade license.

The Government reviews the law on a regular basis and maintains the policy aimed at attracting investors to the UAE. There are many ways to setting up business in the Emirates as jurisdiction of the country offers the numerous opportunities for choice. The offshore company may be registered as partnership, limited partnership, partnership limited by shares, joint activity and limited liability company, as well as public and private joint stock company. The fees and dues charged for registration may vary depending on the legal form. In addition, if you decided to set up your business in the UAE, you should include any expenses related to obtaining a visa and other required documents into the operating costs.

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