Project appraisal

In addition to the marketing research one more necessary thing to do is appraisal of projects. For example, any foreign businessman thinks about foundation of own company in the UAE, he has the marketing report and business plan. It would seem possible to proceed to the final stage and start business activity, but the business consultants from Al Mubadarah assure you that you have omitted one of the essential stages – project appraisal that will help prevent many mistakes arising in determining the target group, wording the goals and tasks. As you know it would be better to eliminate any mistakes and inaccuracies prior to the project.


The issues related to set up and operation of business processes should be given special attention as their performance make for the gained profit. Project appraisal in the UAE allows getting clear view of the prospects of your future business, determining financial expenditures and payback period, as well as related risks and the ways to reduce them. As you know, to let yourself in for a risky undertaking is not so scary, if you know about possible dangers waiting in the way.


Project appraisal in the UAE helps understanding which of the business processes are the most and the least efficient and should be changed. Prior to launching the project it may be altered in order to increase the level of performance of your company. Any costs related to alteration to the project will be much lower than those related to changing business processes of the already operating company.


The specialists from Al Mubadarah can study your project and all business processes in detail, review the project documents and propose you the most efficient ways to improvement.

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