Freezone Dubai Academic City

Freezone “Dubai Academic City” is located in the UAE, Dubai. This freezone will create a global academic destination that provides all institutions housed in it with opportunities for communication, experience-sharing and cooperation to utilize latest technologies and processes.


Dubai Academic City will group up to 20 leading universities and colleges in the same area, allowing students and faculty members from different institutions to interact and learn from each other. DAC will give its students access to all the available academic sources. Students and faculty will be able to study, work and lead a full-fledged life within the campus.

If you think about setting up a company and about your own business, Freezone Dubai Academic City is a good choice.

For further information on the services offered at Dubai Academic City and to find out how easy it is to set up your operations here, please contact our company representatives, who will be happy to consult you on how to start your business in this Dubai Freezone.

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