Freezone Dubai Internet City (DIC)

Dubai Internet City freezone provides a knowledge economy ecosystem designed to support the business development of information and communications technology (IT) companies. It is the Middle East's biggest IT infrastructure, built inside a free trade zone.

Dubai Internet City is a strategic base for companies targeting emerging markets in a vast region extending from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent (horizontal axis), as well as from Africa to the CIS countries (on the vertical axis). As a result of your business projects would cover a territory with population of 2 billion people with $ 6.7 trillion GDP.

Global IT giants are already working in this freezone, including such worldwide known companies as Microsoft, Oracle, HP, IBM, Dell, Siemens, Canon, Logica, Sony Ericsson, "Schlumberger" and Cisco, as well as many small and medium-sized business organizations and IT companies. Companies in Dubai Internet City freezone can operate in the following areas: software development, business consulting, e-commerce, sales and marketing, web design and website development, maintenance and fixing of computers.

DIC provides outstanding environment that attracts a huge number of chain elements that create the final product, which subsequently offered in the markets by business companies afterwards. In addition, it has developed a lot of programs that can be leveraged by the IT community to explore and expand channel and business development opportunities.

This freezone offers a cost-effective base for companies specializing information technology (IT companies) to expand business opportunities in the regional markets through specially created for this  - Firststeps @ dic program. This facility enables businesses to conduct feasibility studies, evaluate future potential and scout for new business or collaborative ventures and work alongside existing and future enterprises operating within DIC without making a large initial investment.

If you are planning to start your own business in the UAE that would be somehow connected with IT, no doubt, you will need to consider this freezone as one of the most promising for business operating, as it gives you wonderful cooperation possibilities with a number of very large companies in the IT world. Who knows, maybe it would be their help that will be your key for success and bring you up to the same level, and hopefully, it would help you even overcome your teachers a lot.

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