Dubai International Financial Center Free Zone (DIFC)

Dubai International Financial Center is the most advanced international financial center in the UAE and the world in whole. It strives to excel the similar international financial centers in New-York, London and Hong Kong.

The center provides services to the vast area between the Western Europe and the Eastern Asia.

Since opening in September 2004 Dubai International Financial Center attracts the most famous companies at the world and local level. Dubai International Financial Exchange (DIFX), that is the world-class stock exchange, started operation in DIFC in September 2005.

Dubai International Financial Centre specializes in several financial sectors:

  • bank services: investment services and financial services to persons and entities
  • capital markets: stock exchange instruments, debt instruments and derivative securities, commodity trade)
  • asset management and registration of funds
  • insurance and reinsurance
  • Islamic financial system and professional services


The Department for Registration is in charge for the state registration of companies in DIFC. It also plays a key role in providing information about DIFC.

The basic functions of the Department for Registration:

  • entry/registration of companies in DIFC and deregistration of companies from DIFC;
  • study and storage of information provided according to the applicable laws and regulations and provision of such information to the public whenever requested;
  • provide consultations on the issues related to receipt, review and processing of the requests filed by the prospective companies seeking registration in DIFC in accordance with the Companies Law, the Partnership Rights Law, the Limited Partnerships Law, the Limited Liability Partnerships Law and the related statutes and regulations.


The companies founded in DIFC can obtain any of the following key benefits:

  • 100% ownership
  • no income taxes
  • free unrestricted repatriation of capital and profits
  • laws and regulatory procedures at the international level
  • absolute transparent operating environment that meets the best practices
  • US dollar as the basic currency
  • the international stock exchange with initial and secondary lists of debt and equity securities
  • great number of competent specialists living in Dubai and the region
  • up-to-date efficient means of transportation, communication and web infrastructure
  • one stop-shop principle applied to the procedure for applying for visa and work permits and other related requests

If you wish to start your business in the UAE, Dubai International Financial Centre FTZ is the right choice.

To get more information about the services provided by Dubai International Financial Centre FTZ turn to our specialists who will always ready to give you advice on setting up your business in this zone.

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