Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone (ADPC)

Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone located in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is the leading developer and regulator of many ports and industrial areas. It is primarily aimed at creating the steady platform that would promote economic growth and diversification in Abu Dhabi through developing the world class infrastructure and the real estate and business service market combined with the private sectors. ADPC FTZ has the right to develop all major ports, except for oil-gas and military ones, as well as the related infrastructure in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

ADPC FTZ creates favorable conditions to meet any needs of its clients and provides help in developing new companies engaged in provision of the numerous services in the port and adjacent areas. Such companies provides the various services as the affiliate companies and associations of the port terminal and public-service operators, developers, educational and profession training institutions, logistic companies, VAT operators and other service providers.

ADPC FTZ is currently working over development of the multi-billion Khalifa Port and Industrial Zone (KPIZ) located in Taweelah. KPIZ will become the multi-purpose facility arranged between the prosperous cities of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The project proposes construction of the global scale containers and the industrial port equipped by the necessary implements, which will comprise the production, logistics, commercial, educational and accommodation facilities, including the free trade zone, on the area of more than 100 km2.

The master plans for KPIZ are at the final stage of development as completion of construction is intended to fall on the end of 2010.

KPIZ will be engaged in the following industries:

  • base metals
  • heavy equipment
  • assembly equipment for motor industry
  • chemicals
  • dockyards
  • building materials
  • food products and drinks
  • light industry
  • information and communication technologies
  • alternative sources of power
  • trade and logistics

KPIZ is in all respects ideal place to become the industrial logistic center at the world level due to its strategic location and free access to two large ports and two airports. KPIZ FTZ is provided with the new railway line and connected to the numerous roads and highways. It comprises the wide specialized logistics center equipped by the storage facilities and free access to the advanced wide-band channels of infrastructure.

KPIZ FTZ is in the same line with the other well-known international centers and becomes one of the leading industrial and logistic free trade zones in the world.

If you wish to register your company in the UAE, Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone is a good idea.

For more information about the services provided by Abu Dhabi Ports Company Free Zone turn to our specialists who will always ready to give you advice on setting up your business in Abu Dhabi. 

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