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Being a full owner of your business is certainly a good prospect. However, attracting a business partner can significantly ease your tasks and even raise your business to new heights. New experience, new knowledge, new ideas and proposals, as well as new links in the market are opportunities that you lose without attracting partners to your business. Searching for partners in the UAE is not an easy task, primarily because of the multinational society. It is difficult to find people with a similar mentality and views on doing business in a large metropolis. The language barrier makes this process even more difficult.

In addition, for the registration of business outside the Free Economic Zone in the United Arab Emirates, the presence of a local business partner - a citizen of the country - is a necessary condition. Finding partners in the UAE can be a turning point in the history of your business, because a strong local business partner can become an irreplaceable assistant in communications with local and control authorities. The legal framework of the UAE is such that a local business partner can only be officially listed in the company's documentation, leaving you space for business development in the direction that you see it.

Experienced specialists of the consulting company Al Mubadara Business Consulting and Development will give you advise on such issues as finding partners and investors in the UAE, as well as conducting market analysis. We will not only notify you of the local registration procedure of the company with the presence of a local partner, but also make a search for partners in the UAE effective, to develop and promote your business. Al Mubadara Business Consulting and Development will not only provide you with beneficial partners, but will accompany you at all subsequent stages of joint cooperation. Thanks to our efforts, you will receive a reliable business partner, and your business will get a productive development.

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