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Ordering the accounting services provided by Al Mubadarah Business Consulting and Development JLT you can count on expert resolution of any complex issues, maintenance of confidentiality and the principles of impartiality, good practice and competence. The specialists will be specially assigned to get into the swing of the course of your business, satisfy your needs and efficiently respond to any requests.

The accounting services provided by the independent accountant allow ensuring proper accounting and saving money needed to pay remuneration and improve working conditions for the staff accountants.

Thus, accounting support at the high level is the most efficient solution for the small and medium-sized businesses, when increase in the number of personnel is unreasonable from the economical point of view.

The process of accounting comprises the number of proper and due operations contributing to appropriate financial and economic activity. Accounting support by the competent specialists ensures profitability of any business.

Entrusting accounting to Al Mubadarah Business Consulting and Development JLT you will always know where your money is, as well as your debtors and creditors. Thanks to accounting support you will be able to properly determine the schedule of payment and avoid deadlock, as well as provide with absolute control over cash flows. Accounting support comprises the following services:

Accounting Support

1. Keeping primary documents

Keeping the primary documentation is the first step in accounting and reporting. That is why proper keeping the incoming and outgoing documents is very important and should be entrusted to the skilled specialists.

2. Recovery of accounting

The process of accounting recovery comprises the full or partial adjustment of all documents in accordance with the applicable law.

There are two ways to recover accounting:

  • recovery of certain accounts;
  • complete recovery.

Accounts are recovered in three steps:

  • initial processing of the customer’s documents;
  • identification of missing documents;
  • recovery and processing of missing documents.

3. Establishment of accounting procedure

This is the most important part of management. Proper accounting allows tracking the financial and economic activity of the company and assessing its actual financial status.

4. Relations with banks

5. Complete control over cash flows

6. Monthly payroll accounting on the basis of the customer’s data


  • balance sheet
  • statement of income and losses
  • statement of cash flows
  • account of receivables and payables

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