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Al Mubadarah Business Consulting and Development JLT provides the full range of services on registration and legal support in the United Arab Emirates. While providing the services in this area the company has gained unique experience in interacting with the local public institutions and tracks any changes in the local legislation on a regular basis. High quality of services and customized approach to each of its clients allow finding the most efficient solutions for any task.

At the stage of setting up your business Al Mubadarah Business Consulting and Development JLT can offer the following services:

  • consulting in doing business in the UAE;
  • selection of the advantageous legal form and beneficial place of registration on the basis of the nature of activity;
  • registration in the UAE without the founder visiting the UAE;
  • registration of company and support in setting up business in any of FTZs;
  • opening any bank accounts without visiting the UAE;
  • obtaining any required licenses and authorizations;
  • assistance in obtaining visa in the name of founders, employees and their families;
  • search for partners, investors and sales markets;
  • drawing business plans;
  • assistance in producing business cards, letterheads and seals;

Al Mubadarah Business Consulting and Development JLT provides the following services to the companies currently operating in the UAE:

  • legal support;
  • interaction with government agencies and officials in the UAE;
  • promotion of new businesses in the UAE;
  • search for business partners, investors and sales markets;
  • consulting in law and binding annual auditing
  • Moreover, the company can offer the following related services provided by its partners:
  • arrangement of business trips to the United Arab Emirates for the purpose of visiting fairs and participating in conferences;
  • obtaining tourist and resident visa;
  • selection of hotels and reservation of accommodation;
  • design of logo and brand book;
  • production of seals, business cards, letterheads and envelopes;
  • recruitment;
  • web-site design;
  • maintenance of computer equipment;
  • maintenance of office premises;
  • other services;

Al Mubadarah Business Consulting and Development JLT is aimed at providing its clients with the full range of services related to registration and running business in the UAE at high level, as well as assuming resolution of any business related issues, so that its clients are enabled to concentrate on developing the core activity without wasting time on resolution of any issues of minor importance.

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