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If you plan to start business in the United Arab Emirates, you should think about specificity of the local market in the Middle East. Marketing research is one of the key elements of the market analysis. For the purpose of promoting any goods and services the research comprises study of consumer behavior and competitive companies in the UAE, consumer wishes and preferences. As a rule, the objects of the research are the local market, such goods or services and the method of advertising. Success of your company in the UAE depends on the proper marketing analysis.

Thanks to its rapid development Dubai welcomes investors and provides great business opportunities. Many companies from all over the world have attempted to gain access to the world community by settling down in the UAE for the last ten years. Competition in the market of the United Arab Emirates grows from year to year. Therefore it is important to do the detailed marketing research that is essential for newly-formed companies and already operating ones. The outcome of the research will help discovering the advantages and disadvantages of your company and undertaking any actions required to improve business processes.

Al Mubadara Business Consulting and Development can undertake to do the proper marketing research of the local market using the proved advanced methodologies. The skilled and qualified specialists of our company will select the most efficient one based on your goals and objectives and analyze the results of the research, whereupon you will get the analysis report.

Our marketing research will help you better understand the consumer needs and preferences assess prospects in the local market, ensure efficient promotion of your goods and services and determine the ways to withstand a competition.

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